One Media Connect

An Omni-Channel Attribution Platform Merging Business and Consumer Profiles Delivering Deterministic Data For Your Marketing Efforts

About Us

One Media Connect is a data analytics and technology platform designed to assist advertisers and brands toward maximizing true ROAs regardless of advertising medium.

Products and Services

Omni-Precision Targeting

Industry first database that merges business and consumer profiles with a graph network of over 5.5 billion connections. One Media Connect’s data platform will enable omni-channel targeting and measurement across both digital and offline media for leveraging of customizable segments based on the advertiser’s needs.

Omni-Precision Panel

Industry first 150-million-member panel built from the ground up with omni-channel data.

Omni-AI Optimization Engine

Industry first learning system built on omni-channel data and state of the art machine learning and statistical analysis. Channel efficacy measurement at the individual level allows for maximized campaign optimization and optimal ROAs, regardless of channel.

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